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July 6, 2018

So it’s that time of my life where I’ve turned 22, where I’ve finally started to lead an independent life and where I’ve finally secured an internship at Red Hat! The first time I heard this name was in my class 11 Computer textbook. I never really thought I’d work here one day. So anyway, moving forward from where I left off in my previous blogs, I managed to successfully complete my GSoC project, after which I had applied for masters program in some universities (none of which gave me an admit🙄), so I then decided to apply for an upcoming internship at Red Hat.

I was traveling when I first received a call for a telephonic interview. I don’t think it went that well. I had lost the hope of getting a face-to-face interview, but thankfully, I did get that chance(phew!). So, as soon as I was back from my trip, I traveled to Pune, and appeared for the interview. I was appearing for an internship position in the CFME QE team. My interview was taken by Aziza and Satyajit. The questions asked during interview were quite normal. 95% of the questions were based off my resume, while the rest 5% were related to virtualization and some other things which I don’t exactly remember right now, but were related to the work being done here. I think it went well on my part, and I guess Aziza liked it too(otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog😆).

Two weeks post my interview, I received a mail from Red Hat, congratulating me for securing the internship. And another ten days later, here I was attending my first day as an intern. I wasn’t really nervous about my first day, nor was I bursting with excitement(Idk why😯). I had no expectations set in my mind about my first day, but it turned out to be really very well! I arrived here at 9 (I think I was the first one to arrive😛 ), and was asked to sit in a meeting room. The first fellow intern I met here was Vivek Paul(Paul, is it?). Later on I met other 40 interns(I didn’t think there would be so many interns!).

An informal orientation was taken, where they told us about various amenities provided by Red Hat, the open culture, and principles of Red Hat. One of the memorable things we did during this session was this activity – we were paired up with the person sitting next to us, we were given 5 minutes, during which we had to get to know the other person and introduce them later on. I was sitting next to Parth Goswami. It was nice talking to him, he described himself as a shy traveler(he didn’t seem much shy to me), he has traveled a lot, he likes books and hacking around computer. He was almost sent to jail in Goa, but I never got to know the reason, since our 5 minutes were over(and I never asked it later on). So anyway, it was a great way of acquainting with fellow interns. We then submitted some documents, and were sent off to meet our respective teams.

On to the life on floor 0, I finally met my fellow intern Ganesh. We met Aziza and she introduced us to the rest of the CFME team – Satyajit, Niyaz, Nikhil, Anurag, Yadnya, and also to the honorary member(😛) of the CFME team Vatsal and his intern Aditya. She assigned us both mentors, my mentor being Anurag. We then set off to get our laptops and set them up.

It’s now almost my third week here at Red Hat. In these 3 weeks we did plenty of things – we setup our laptop environment and other user accounts(polarion, github, bugzilla, kerberos, irc), we went for a team lunch together, had a post-Eid biryani(pulav😜) party, attended sessions on the art of blogging(Priyanka Nag), bugzilla(Kaushik Banerjee) and git 101(Abhijeet), the official intern orientation program, my first QE all hands meetings and team meeting, had a round of foosball😍, met plenty of new people and got acquainted with the old ones! We also had these super helpful sessions taken by my team, to help us understand the CFME code structure, widgetastic, navmazing, and plenty of other small sessions that helped us understand the product better. I even submitted my first PR, which was surprisingly merged very quickly. I got a focus area and have even started working in it.

I have learned plenty of things, both tech and non-tech in these 3 weeks. I now like things that intimidated me earlier, for example IRC, Bugzilla and Fedora. For some reason, every time I think of Red Hat, I see containers of information roaming around. I mean, there are so many people around me, and so many things to be learned from them, each and every one of them!

I have got so many things that I want to accomplish during this internship! I want to deliver my first talk, I want to get good at Linux, containers, kubernetes, python and all the other cool words – good enough to understand the jokes and even crack a few😬. I want to finally be able to install OpenStack! I obviously want to make plenty of contributions to my project and other open source projects.

Well, I guess this is it for now. This internship is a baby step towards the larger goals of my life and god I hope I do well! And to everyone that I’ve met here till now, if you’re reading this, I’m glad to have met you (even if sometimes I don’t remember your name😛)(God, that was so cheesy (but it’s true, I’m glad and happy!😊)).

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