1 year and so many changes

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March 2, 2019

So much has changed since this photo was taken. So many photos taken, so many places visited, so many people met, so many memories made, so many things learned and so many moments lived. I look at my face and  remember how worried I was, about missing an interview call for an internship. I had applied  for post graduation in some universities and had received a few rejections, getting an internship meant a lot at the moment, I really really wanted to get in. We were on a trip to Kashmir and were visiting Pahalgaon. There was no network. Kashmir – might just be the most beautiful places I’ve visited. In that moment, I don’t remember if I thought I would make it to where I am today, I got that interview, I got that internship, and I got the job, I work at that place every day(well every weekday).

Just like any other memory, one year ago still feels just like yesterday. I have done so many things in this past year and so many things still left to be done. I have come a long way, well not too long, but yeah significant.